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Grant Writing Guide for Teachers

As an educator and teacher leader, grants have helped me to advance instructional practices in my classroom and they have been an important instrument in my own professional development. Because of this, I have worked to curate lists of tools and resources to help teachers in their own development journey. And it's important to me that they are all available to you for free because I believe we rise by lifting others. 

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Teacher's Guide to Grant Writing 

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Minnesota State Standards Spreadsheets

The links below will take you to several different standards sets that are organized by grade and content. Each set is presented with slightly varied column headers and meant to be used to reflect either the intended, implemented or attained curriculum (Leading a High Reliability School by Marzano, Warrick, Rains & DuFour, 2018)

The intended curriculum is the curriculum that should be taught, and is determined by state standards and district priorities. The implemented curriculum is what actually gets taught by teachers in the classroom. The attained curriculum is what students have learned or mastered. In a standards-based education system, all three of these should be aligned. You can read Minnesota State Standards for more about the three types of curriculum. 

Intended Curriculum - Use these sheets to prioritize the standards. 

Implemented Curriculum - Use these sheets to track which standards have been taught


Attained Curriculum - Use these sheets to record which standards have been learned