Hello! My name is Ashley and I am glad you have decided to stop by. I started this site several years ago as a place to share resources for teaching and learning. I have spent the last decade working in classrooms with students of all ages and I love connecting with other teachers who are passionate about what they do. I am especially interested in the policies and practices that impact the education of multilingual students. 

I currently work in partnership with several Minnesota districts to support school improvement work, especially in the areas of language education and multilingual programming. Previously, I worked as an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher for several K-12 and adult basic education programs. 

In addition, I also taught abroad as a youth development volunteer with Peace Corps in Honduras, and more recently as a training specialist with a gender development program in Afghanistan. These experiences, along with volunteer work in Chile, Mexico and Lebanon have helped me to develop a global perspective on how education intersects with issues of power, equity and oppression. 

I hope to be able to use this site as a place to share some of the ideas and resources that have made a difference in my own teaching and in the districts I serve. I love to connect with other educators, so please reach out with questions and comments.

All my best,