How to Find a Teaching Job in Minnesota

One of the questions that I field from time to time is how to find a teaching job in Minnesota. For teachers from out-of-state, navigating a new educational market can sometimes be a challenge. This post will help you with some of the basics of finding a Minnesota teaching job that you'll love. 

Before we get into the best job sites (below), it is important to share a bit of information about teacher licensure in the state of Minnesota. Educator licensing in Minnesota is coordinated by the Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board, or PELSB (pronounced "PELS-be"). 

Licensure Tiers in Minnesota

Minnesota currently has a four-tier licensing system for educators that depends in part on your education, preparation and experiences. You can read more about each of the tiers below. 

1. Tier One

For a Tier One license, candidates are required to have a Bachelor's degree (with one exception below). 

A Tier One license is good for one year and can be renewed up to three times. A teacher must apply for a Tier One license jointly with a district (meaning that you cannot apply for one on your own). 

Teachers with a Tier One license are not part of the teacher bargaining unit, do not have continuing contract rights, and do not earn credit toward probation.

The exception to having a Bachelor's degree is for teachers in Career and Technical Education (CTE) or Career Pathways (CP) courses. For these teachers, candidates must have an Associate's degree, a professional certification or at least five years of relevant work experience. 

2. Tier Two

For a Tier Two license, candidates must meet the criteria in one of the three following scenarios:

  • Scenario One: Candidate has a Bachelor's degree (with the CTE/CP exception above) and is enrolled in a teacher preparation program;
  • Scenario Two: Candidate has a Master’s degree; or
  • Scenario Three: Candidate has completed two of the following: a) a completed teacher preparation program; b) eight upper-division credits in subject area; c) training in subject-specific teaching methods; d) two years of experience teaching in subject area; or e) passing scores on state tests in subject area.

A Tier Two license is good for two years and can be renewed three times. Like the Tier One license, the district and teacher must apply jointly. Tier Two teachers are part of the teacher bargaining unit, but they are not probationary and do not have continuing contract rights. 

If a Tier Two teacher moves on to Tier 3, up to two years of successful teaching at Tier 2 can count toward the Tier 3 requirement of three years of probation. 

3. Tier Three

For a Tier Three license, a candidate must have a Bachelor's degree (with the CTE or CP exception), they must obtain passing scores on content and pedagogy exams, and they must achieve ONE of the following: 

  • Completion of a Minnesota-approved teacher preparation program (traditional or alternative, if accredited); 
  • completion of a prep program from another state that includes field-specific student teaching equivalent to requirements of MN programs; 
  • portfolio in a given licensure field; 
  • professional teaching license from another state, license in good standing, and two years of teaching experience; or
  • three years of teaching experience under a Tier 2 license and evidence of summative evaluations that did not result in placement on an improvement plan.  

A Tier Three license is good for three years and can be renewed indefinitely. For a Tier Three license, the teacher is responsible for applying for the license. 

Tier Three teachers are part of the bargaining unit and must complete three years of probation. Tier Three teachers have continuing contract rights after they have completed their three year probationary period.

4. Tier Four

For a Tier Four license, candidates must meet all Tier 3 requirements, including having completed a preparation program or portfolio, having passing scores on content and pedagogy exams and passing scores on board-approved skills exam. 

Teachers are eligible to apply for a Tier Four license after they have taught in Minnesota for at least three years. In addition to the three year teaching requirement, the most recent summative evaluation completed for the teacher must not have resulted in placing the teacher on an improvement plan. f 

A Tier Four license is good for five years and can be renewed indefinitely. Like the Tier Three license, the teacher is responsible for applying for the license. Tier Four teachers are part of the bargaining unit, and they have continuing contract rights after completing the applicable probationary requirement from the Tier Three period. 

For more specific questions about Minnesota's tiered licensure system, you can visit the Frequently Asked Questions page on the PELSB website. 

Best Job Sites Where can I find education job openings in Minnesota? 

  1. EdPost 
  2. MN Council of Nonprofits Job Board
  3. Indeed 
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Idealist 
  6. K12 Jobspot 

There are many different options for finding job openings in K-12 education in Minnesota. One of the best ways to find a job is by looking at some of the local, Minnesota job boards. The most popular job board for education positions in Minnesota is EdPost

EdPost has become the statewide standard for posting open teaching positions. You will find teaching positions from all across the state and for all kinds of subject areas, so you'll want to be sure to filter by keyword and zip code to find what you're looking for. 

Another potential option for local jobseekers is the MN Council of Nonprofits Job Board. While not specifically tailored to K-12 education, there are many related positions that are regularly posted on the site. 

Finally, at a national level, there are many education jobs that are posted to job sites like Indeed or LinkedIn. You may also want to consider sites like Idealist that are targeted to the nonprofit domain or K12 Jobspot that focuses nationally on education positions. 

A Word of Encouragement...

Finding the right job can sometimes be a challenge, but I want to encourage you to keep trying! Minnesota needs great teachers and we'd love to have you join our team!