Let's Meet Up (for Language)!

Back in college, I remember attending Spanish "charlas" held at the University dining center. These meet-ups were informal opportunities (usually planned by Department TAs) to practice Spanish with other students who were learning Spanish. Oftentimes, these meetings served as a good reminder that knowing how to complete a worksheet in another language is much different than actually communicating in another language.

I recently stumbled upon the website "Meet Up" which allows users to organize and schedule informal get-togethers around a variety of topics. I was pleased to see that, in addition to Meet Ups for regions, religions and any number of interests and activities, there were also meetings organized specifically around the purpose of learning and practicing language!

In the Minneapolis-St. Paul area alone, there are Meet Up groups dedicated to Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, German, Italian, French, Arabic, ASL, Dutch and English. In addition, it also seems relatively easy to create and organize your own group if needed. It is nice to have an option to find and connect with other linguaphiles to practice and polish language skills. This is one website that I will definitely have to bookmark!