Multilingual Minnesota

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There is a lot going on in Minnesota schools these days. One of the most exciting aspects of being a teacher in Minnesota (at least to me!) is our growing linguistic and cultural diversity. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the North Star State, Minnesota is actually home to a significant number of cultural groups, including growing numbers of Hmong and Karen and the largest Somali population in the entire United States.

With growing language diversity has come a growing need for resources on multilingualism. The website Multilingual Minnesota has been a great resource for me to encourage others to expand their linguistic horizons. There are resources for language teachers as well as for language learners (including prospective language learners). Users can use the website to learn more about the benefits of bilingualism or about the research behind immersion education.

One of the really neat features of this site is a language service directory that highlights where you can go to learn or study more than two dozen different languages within Minnesota. There are a wealth of resources available to encourage and support bilingualism and Multilingual Minnesota has done a great job combining many of those resources in a single place. Check it out!