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Distance Learning for Emerging Bilinguals

  Considerations for Humanizing Practice Shifting to distance learning is a significant transition for teachers, students and families. As you continue in this work, it is worth considering the following:  Start slow and simple - The sheer number of digital resources and tools available to you can be overwhelming. There is no need to use everything at once. Start slow, use the tools you know, and be confident in your capacity as an educator.  Be kind to yourself and others - These are uncertain times. Be sure to extend grace to yourself, your students, families, colleagues and leaders.  Prioritize relationships - In addition to safety and other physical needs, a sense of belonging is foundational to learning. Time spent building relationships with students and families is time well-spent.  Promote love of learning  - Curiosity is an innate human characteristic. Focus on the types of learning activities that tap into this love of learning through student choice, opportunities for crit

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